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HR Today a journal conceived with the ambitious mission of redefining human resources news & updates. As we begin this exciting journey, I am privileged to introduce you to the vision that fuels our publication. In the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of HR, a profound need exists for a platform that bridges the often-overlooked gap between rigorous academic research and practical industry insights. “HR Today” is our answer to this call – a journal that not only disseminates knowledge but also fosters a meaningful dialogue between academia and practitioners from across the globe.

Our mission is straightforward yet powerful: to bring back the depth and substance in HR journalism. In recent years, we have witnessed a gradual shift in HR publications towards a commercial focus, sometimes sidelining the rich, research-driven content that forms the backbone of any scholarly field. “HR Today News & Updates” aims to reverse this trend, ensuring that our readers have access to intellectually stimulating and practically relevant content.

Each edition of “HR Today Magazine” will explore a wide array of topics – from the latest technological advancements in HR to the evolving paradigms of workforce management, diversity and inclusion, leadership development, and much more. We are committed to providing a global perspective, ensuring our content resonates with HR professionals, academics, and students worldwide.

We also understand the critical role of HR in shaping organizational cultures and driving business success. Therefore, our focus extends beyond traditional HR topics, delving into areas such as ethical leadership, data-driven decision-making, and the impact of global economic trends on HR practices.

“HR Today” is not just a journal but a community. A community where ideas are exchanged, best practices are shared, and future trends are forecasted. We are dedicated to being a platform where voices from diverse backgrounds and experiences are heard, enriching the HR discourse with multifaceted perspectives.

Dr. Sunil Singh

He is the Founder of Mindstream Consulting and Big Career Interview.
He has 25+ years of experience with various groups (Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Reliance Industries, PunjLloyd, Gulf Oil, Sasken, and MECL) across diversified industries (e.g. Pharmaceuticals, Oil & Gas, Exploration, Drilling, EPC, Construction, Telecom, and IT organizations).
He brings expertise in leadership development, coaching, learning & development, Board Handling, Board evaluations, managing large scale transformational change, talent management, performance management and leading HR function & operation.
He is passionate about sharing knowledge and has taught at premium institutions (IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, IIM Udaipur, XLRI etc.) and presented at international conferences. He is a certified ICF Coach (ACC). He is also a certified e-IPE Trainer, Assessor, MBTI Trainer, and FIRO-B Trainer. He has completed more than 5000 hours of Leadership Coaching with senior Business Leaders.
He has also created Happy Place To Work Survey: A New Age Employee Engagement Dignostics He leads consulting project in the following areas:
• Business Restructuring
• Organization Transformation and Redesign
• Visin and Mission
• Strategy Development and Execcution
• Learning Organization Design, Learning Transformation
• Learning Design, and Delivery
• Performance Management Redesign and Implementation
• Leadership Development Interventions
• Talent Management, Succession Planning
• Employee Engagement Solutions
• Competency Framework Development
• 360 Feedback, Psychometric Assessments, Capability Assessment, and Complete Assessment
Centre Design and delivery
• HR Digitization
• End-to-end HR function Outsourcing
He has worked with ITC, Vedanta, Vishakha Group (Adani Group Co.), Asteria Aerospaces, Alkem Pharmaceuticals, IIM Bangalore, Zydus, Eris Lifesciences, Hero Moto-Corp, ETHOS Watches, Tata International, The Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz Ltd, XIM Bhubaneshwar, Indoco Remedies, Maksons etc. as his consulting clients.
He has authored books and articles in Global and National Journals. His research interests include Organization Strategy and Performance, National Culture, Leadership, Career Anchors, Socialization, Proactive Behaviour, Employee Engagement, Innovation and Loss of Embeddedness.
He is PhD from IIM Bangalore and MBA from XISS, Ranchi.

Editor's Desk

This achievement could not have been possible without the unwavering support of our editorial board, contributors, and, most importantly, you, our readers. Your enthusiasm and feedback fuel our passion for elevating the voices of the HR community and businesses globally.

As we move forward, let us continue to champion innovation, inclusivity, and excellence in HR practices. May this issue serve as a source of inspiration, knowledge, and connection for all of us navigating the ever-changing landscape of work.

Thank you for your continued support and engagement. Together, we are shaping a future that values people at the heart of all organizational success.

HR Today Editorial Team​

Lillian Ngala
Editorial Board Member
Lillian Ngala

Lillian Ngala is a renowned Human Resource Director with more than 15 years of experience.
During this time, she has also made considerable contributions to policy formulation, talent
management, workforce planning, coaching and mentoring, and culture management among other HR
agendas in Kenya.
Lillian currently serves as the Director of Human Resources at Diamond Trust Bank; and sits on several
boards including the Institute of Human Resources, Kenya Institute of Bankers, KENIC and National
Industrial Training Institute.
In addition, she is the founder and CEO of Lillian Ngala Network, a vibrant community of leaders
committed to empowering the next generation of leaders; and the Lillian Ngala Foundation, a non-profit
that builds decent houses for widows, cares for persons with disabilities, runs youth mentorship
initiatives and supports the education of children from underprivileged homes.
Ms. Ngala has an MBA from JKUAT and is certified as a professional trainer by the Institute of Human
Resource Management.
Earlier this year, Lillian was recognized by Disruptive People among the Top 20 Leaders in Kenya, and
was named Industry Icon of the Year 2023 by Corporate Career Academy. in 2022, she was in people-
Hum’s list of the Top 50 Leaders Shaping the Future of HR in Africa. That was after she was recognized
by the Nation Media Group as one of the Top 20 Women Making a Difference in Kenya in the year 2021.
Lillian has also been featured on Citizen TV, Switch TV, KBC and Voice of America; and is a regular
contributor to Daily Nation and Business Daily newspapers where she writes about leadership.
Over and above that, she has honoured invitations as a guest speaker in major conferences in the
country and the region; including ISACA Conference 2023, ICX Conference 2023, AWFP Summit 2023
and 2022, the Industrial and Employee Relations Summit 2022, IHRM Conference 2022 and the KIM
Women in Leadership Conference 2022 and 2021.
Lillian greatly values integrity, collaboration, communication and fairness; and is a champion for
compassion, employee wellness, organization agility and the future of work. This is informed by her
belief that “to win the marketplace, you must first win the workplace.”
Outside of work, she spends time hiking, reading, writing and playing golf.

Editorial Board Member
Noha Tarek Fahmy

Noha Tarek Fahmy

Human Resource Director

Webhelp, Egypt

Noha has + 15  years of experience in the field of Human Resources & Administration as well as playing a double hat of marketing in some organizations. As an experienced Regional Head of Human Resources with a demonstrated history of working in ISP, Real Estate, Fintech & BPO Industries. She is an HR guru with hands on experience who plans, develops & oversees the execution of a comprehensive HR strategy in support of the overall business objectives & provides support at both strategic and operational levels through interpreting business. Noha was able to start companies from scratch in Egypt where she proved to have a very experienced open eye on all business details and how to work on company growth.

She believes in human capital, as the main asset at which everything else transpires. She thinks that candidates and end to end employee experience is a crucial target in employer branding and transforming companies culture and being Employers of Choice. She is a culture enabler who always creates positive vibes, transforms companies and builds strong teams. She believes in her teams and that she shouldn’t have achieved anything without standing on the shoulders of giants. She always rolls up her sleeves and dive into the HR world in each company she joins to be able to reach her strategic targets.

As a highly skilled HR Director, she focuses on engaging employees through different aspects to keep them focused and goal driven.

Editorial Board Member
DR. MG Jomon

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Scholarly Books
1. Inclusiveness, Sustainability and Human Resource Development (2013). Coedited with N.M Agrawal, Biju Varkkey and Chandrima Banerjee, McGraw Hill Education(India) Pvt Ltd, Delhi
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Chapters in Scholarly books
1. MG Jomon and Sushmita Srivastava. (2013). The pivotal Role of Personal learning in Institutionalizing mentoring in Indian corporates Inc.
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Paper Presentations-Refereed
1. P.B. Srikant and MG Jomon . (2013) ."Importance of Organization Identification, Autonomy Orientation and Competence Mobilization in predicting Role Breadth and Role Performance" being judged as the Best Paper in the Early Research Track - B at the 7th Doctoral Colloquium organized by IIM, Ahmedabad on 9th and 10th Dec`2013.
2. Bala Madhu and MG Jomon.(2013). HR Shared Serices: The Big Picture. 3rd Confernce of the Academy of management, 12-14 December, Indian Institute of Management, Ahemdabad.
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4. Sushmita Srivastava, MG Jomon, Munish Takur. (2013). Influennce of Relational Mentoring on based performance. 3rd Confernce of the Academy of management, 12-14 December, Indian Institute of Management, Ahemdabad.

Text Books
1. Searching for Standards for European Space of Economics and Business Education - Participated and presented a Paper in the International Conference held in Warsaw, Poland (May 31st - June 2nd, 2006)
2. The knowledge society : A New Challenge for the Jesuit Business Schools Participated in the International Conference organized by IAJBS in Sao Paulo, Brazil (5-8 June, 2005)
3. Corporate Governance, 27th Eastern India Regional Conference, Rourkela, 12th December, 2004
Achievements in Professional activities
1.​Basic Human Process (BHP) conducted by ISABS at Jaipur Clarks. (Dec 11-16,1995)

2.​International Seminar (1996) on School effectiveness and classroom processes at primary stages and presented a paper organized by NCRT.

3.​Human Capital Accounting by Prof. Keith Bradley from London School of Economics organized by the Academy of HRD in Bangalore (Sept.30 & Oct. 1, 1996).

4.​National Conference organized by the National HRD Network at Hyderabad, January 1996 and presented a paper.

5.​Seminar on Management Consultancy Services: A strategic Tool for change and growth (1998) organized by the Institute of Management Consultants of India, Ahmedabad.

6.​e-HR Tools organized by National HRD Network at Bangalore from 1st November 2001 to 3rd Novemeber 2001.

7.​IMPACT-Training the Trainer- A copyrighted program of Auckland College of Education, New Zealand by S.P. Kamath at New Delhi (Feb 6-9, 2002)

8.​Outbound Behavioural Experiential Program for Team Building - One week program at Himalayan ranges (Sitlakhet) organised by idiscovery, Delhi, (September 10-15, 2002).

9.​Human Resource Development in Asia : Trends and Challenges - Participated and presented a Paper in the International Conference held in IIM, Bangalore (October 28-29, 2002)

10.​The knowledge society : A New Challenge for the Jesuit Business Schools Participated in the International Conference organized by IAJBS in Sao Paulo, Brazil (5-8 June, 2005)

11.​Searching for Standards for European Space of Economics and Business Education - Participated and presented a Paper in the International Conference held in Warsaw, Poland (May 31st - June 2nd, 2006)

12.​Presented a paper on Antecedents & Consequences of mentor mentee fit in mentoring relationship An exploratory conceptual study in the 12th International HRM Conference at Management Development Institute, Gurgaon, India, December 2012 along with Ms. Sushmita Srivastava, Doctoral student XLRI.

13.​Editing the confernce volume for the NHRD 17th National confernce held being held in Kolkata during Novemebr 21-23, 2013.

14.​Coordinated the national conference on behalf of Centre of HRD and Sapphire (HR student association) during January 19-20, 2013 in XLRI Jamshedpur. The theme for the conference was Talent Management .

Guide/evaluator/ examiner at doctoral research level
1.​Guided and completed four scholars in their Fellow program
2.​Guiding another two students as of now

Membership of Professional Bodies
1.​Is a member of the advisory board of the consulting firm TV Rao Learning systems Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad.
2.​Member on the Advisory Board of the Global Jesuit Case studies (GJCS), USA
3.​Member of the Strategic Academic Advisory Board of Xavier School of HRM, Xavier University,Bhubneshwar.
4.​Member, Expert committee on faculty Selection Chaired by Vice Chancellor, MBA programs, Utkal University.
5. Life member of National HRD Network

Editorial Board Member
Prof. Subir Verma

Director, Fore School of Management

Total Years of Experience

33 Years

Brief description of Experience

Prof. Subir Verma has more than 33 years of research, teaching, training and consulting experience at reputed institutions in India and abroad. He has earlier served as the Director and Dean, Institute of Management, Nirma University; Professor and Dean, Corporate Relations, Placements and Alumni Relations, IMI Delhi; Professor and the founder Dean Academics as well as member, Board of Governors at IIM Ranchi. During his tenure as a faculty in MDI Gurgaon (2002-1), Prof. Verma headed the Corporate Relations and Placements Committee, the flagship Post- Graduate Programme in Management, the EQUIS International Accreditation Project and the Organizational Behavior Area.

Prof. Verma is a well-known trainer and has designed and delivered more than 100 workshops on Leadership, Team building, Change Management, Conflict Management and Negotiation skills. He has conducted International AMPs for GGMs and GMs of ONGC; Top Management Programmes (with Dr. Pritam Singh) for Dena Bank, Jai Bharat Maruti, Lanco Infratech and National Insurance; MDPs for the Senior and Middle management of CPSEs such as Airport Authority of India, ONGC, COAL India, BEL, IOCL, IOCL-Pipeline Division, LNG Petronet, ONGC-OVL, NHPC, POWERGRID, National Insurance etc; Workshops on Leadership Development and Negotiation skills for reputed private sector companies such as Intel, HP, PepsiCo, Nestle, Coca Cola, Microsoft, Aviva, Apollo Tyres, Baxter, GETIT, Siemens Power etc. as well as Chief Postmaster Generals and Directors of Indian Postal Service and Scientists of BIRAC. He has been a training faculty on Leadership, Team Building, Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills in AMP for RBI, NTPC and POWERGRID and Senior and Middle managers of top scheduled banks such as SBI, UBI, PNB, BOB, Bank of India, Allahabad Bank, Dena Bank, OBC, Syndicate Corporation Bank, Punjab & Sind Bank etc.

Prof. Verma has consulted on Organization Design, Management of Change and Leadership Development with several reputed companies including, amongst others, Brahmos Aerospace (Indo-Russia Joint Venture), Union Bank of India, Nestle India, SMEC India, SMS Demag, Kampsax, GETIT, Siemens Power and Engineering Limited, National Geographic Channel, Government of Jharkhand and the World Bank.

Prof. Verma has authored/co-authored 6 books viz. Role of Board: Building Competitive Edge (with Dr. Pritam Singh & Asha Bhandarker); “Riding the New Tide: Navigating the future through effective People Management”; “Towards the Next Orbit” and “Organizing and Managing in the era of Globalization and “Towards boundary-less HR”. Prof. Verma has published more than 20 research articles in books and high impact international journals. He has also presented his research papers in prestigious international conferences such as AOM, APROS, EGOS, IHRM, ISA.

He is a member of the Working Group on Asset and Innovation Management, International Standards Organization, Geneva and Principal Member, Resources, HR and Innovation Management Committees of the Bureau of Indian Standards. He is also a Peer Reviewer of AMDISA-SAQs.

Prof. Verma is a recipient of Erasmus+ CBHE funded Four- country multi-institution project worth more than 8 lakh Euros on “Knowledge Development for Circular Economy Transition” (KODECET), Dr. Karan Singh Gold Medal, Prof. C.J. Chacko Merit Certificate, UGC Junior and Senior Research Fellowship, AICTE Award for Travel and Research in South Africa and Club Internationale’ Award for Research and Teaching in France.

Helena Demuynck

Managing Editor

Helena Demuynck

Helena Demuynck is a transformation guide for high-achieving women looking to take their success to the next level. As an expert in women's empowerment and leadership, she works closely with executives and entrepreneurs through one-on-one coaching, retreats, and online group coaching programs.

Her goal is to help women scatter their inner glass ceilings and build unstoppable momentum across their personal and professional lives. Through keynote presentations and workshops, Helena equips women with practical tools and strategies to accelerate their impact and influence.

She is passionate about supporting smart, conscious women in finding greater life fulfillment while accelerating their impact and influence. Her unique perspectives are sought after by organizations looking to foster more diverse, inclusive, and empowered cultures.

Audiences appreciate Helena's authentic, inspiring style of motivating women to own their power, value and work with greater clarity, confidence and joy.

Editorial Board Member
Reimara Valk

Assistant Professor of Management

American University in Dubai, United Arab Emirates



  • Nutrition Science, Gut Health and the Microbiome. Course certificates obtained.
  • Stanford School of Medicine. Stanford University, Palo Alto, USA
  • Postgraduate Degree with merit in Food Science & Innovation at Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom.Onderkant formulier
  • M.A in Human Resources/Global Mobility, Erasmus University, The Netherlands
  • PhD in HRM/Global Mobility, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
  • M. Sc in Human Resource Studies, Tilburg University, The Netherlands
  • B.A. (2nd degree class) in Business Studies, Anglia Polytechnic University, The UK
  • BA. in Hospitality Management, Saxion University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands.

Career experiences
Dr. Valk has over 10 years of teaching and research experience in the field of International HRM, Global Mobility, employee engagement and wellbeing, and more recently in the field of nutrition, the gut microbiome and public health.

Dr. Valk has worked for profit and non-profit organizations in multicultural, global work environments in The Netherlands, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Australia, China, Malaysia, and Iraq.


Dr. Valk’s has published her research in international per reviewed journals, including Journal of Global Mobility, Employee Relations, European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, New Emirates Medical Journal.


In 2019, Dr. Valk published a book, entitled ‘Culinary Concoctions, the Nutrition Guide for Food Fussy Folks' that provides guidance in maintaining a diet that is:

  • nutritious, safe, and healthy
  • protective and respectful of biodiversity and ecosystems
  • culturally acceptable and accessible
  • economically fair and affordable


As a boundary-crossing scientist, Dr. Valk’s ambition is to conduct research on complex, trans-disciplinary challenges with a focus on sustainable careers and green HRM, employee wellbeing and happiness, and the role of nutrition and the gut microbiome in the prevention, diagnosis and management of diseases and the promotion of individual and public health.

david Oxley
Editorial Board Member
David Oxley

Dr David Oxley, co-author, with Dr Helmut Schuster, of A CAREER CAROL: A Tale Of Professional Nightmares And How To Navigate Them, is a dual UK/US citizen based in Austin, Texas. He started his career as a management consultant before leading major people and corporate restructuring projects for BP PLC across Europe, USA, India, and the Middle East. Oxley worked closely with Reliance Industries in India, one of BP’s partners, as they embarked on their big corporate restructuring. He was awarded his doctorate in Organizational Change at Cranfield University and his MBA from the University of Notre Dame.

Editorial Board Member
Chee Gay Lim

I'm Chee Gay, a seasoned professional with over 25 years of diverse experience in HR, manufacturing, IT, and supply chain. I've had the privilege of contributing to global business and HR landscapes, bringing transformative changes to organizations at country, regional, and global levels. Receiving accolades like Southeast Asia HR Icons, Asia Greatest CHRO, and National HR Leader of the Year has been truly humbling, solidifying my passion for making a difference in the HR profession. Being recognized among the Top 100 Business Leaders on LinkedIn reflects not just my journey but the collective impact within the broader business community. Beyond my corporate engagements, I proudly serve as an Adjunct Professor with UNITAR and provide advisory insights to esteemed organizations such as CIPD Malaysia Chapter, SAP Advisory Board, Universities Advisory Board, and more. On a personal note, I am a wellness advocate, actively participating in Ironman, Triathlon, Aquathon, and Marathon races. It's not just about fitness; I also play a vital role in Malaysia's safety landscape as the President of Life Saving Society Malaysia, certifying lifeguards as the Chief Examiner. My commitment extends beyond the professional realm, aiming for a balance between personal fitness goals and making significant contributions to water safety in Malaysian society. With a profound impact on both Malaysian society and the HR industry, I am driven to inspire excellence and continue making a positive difference.


Editorial Board Member
Dr. Arup Roy Chowdhury

Dr. Arup Roy Chowdhury is an experienced Talent Management Specialist and an Academician with a PhD in HRM from XLRI – Xavier School of Management, Jamshedpur.

Having a demonstrated history of two decades of enriched work experience in different fields of Strategic HRM, Industrial Relations and 5 years of Academic experience. Has done extensive research in the area of Performance Management, Management Styles, Competency Mapping, Job Load Adequacy and HR Audit.

Demonstrated & proven experience of developing & implementing strategic and progressive HR Policies/Practices at Tata Steel like ‘5 Day Work Week’; ‘Work From Home’ for Officers; ‘Satellite Office Operation’ for Officers; ‘Retainership Policy’; ‘Position Class Fitment for Senior Management’; Mentoring Program; ‘Dual Career Path’ for specialists in Research & Development, Automation, Technology Group; Job Rotation & Career Mapping; Identification of Critical Positions etc.

Associate Editor

Shreya Singh

HR professional with a decade of experience in Business Partnering, Talent Management & Organization Development. Extensively worked in the Talent Management domain and excelled in establishing and evolving essential processes in line with organizational dynamics.

Her interests lies in the studying high performance work cultures, organizational needs, and diagnosis of organizational structures. She works with organizations in helping them create strategies related to human capital for sustainable business transformation.

Editorial Board Member
Dr. Anamika Sinha

Dr. Anamika Sinha is a teacher, trainer and a coach. Her training and consulting journey started with personality assessment- DISC personality profiles, and later in coaching as Erickson Certified Coach. She has deep level knowledge on human processes having been a member of ISABS (Indian Society for Applied Behavior Sciences) and pursuing T group process labs. Recently, she has also completed OKR Certification Level 2 as well.
A PhD in Organizational Behaviour from University of Lucknow, and has over 22 years of experience in teaching, training and consulting of which 18 years has been with management institutes of repute like Goa Institute of Management, Nirma University, Defence Services Staff College and Amity. She started her career from Telecom sector, working for Ushafone and then led the teams of SSI Ltd with franchise development and branch management. She has also worked for developmental sector with NGOs like Saath Charitable Trust and Janvikas.
She actively consults organizations in the area of HR audit, Competency mapping, PoSH training and IC capability building and organizational restructuring etc. She has written cases and research papers in Journals of repute, including Harvard Business Case studies.
She has successfully guided 10 PhD Students who are now working at top 50 Management Institutes of India. She has been awarded best case study, best teacher and best research paper awards on several occasions, including ISB, Hyderabad, IISc, Bangalore, PDPU, Ahmedabad, CII- Edge Farm, Western region, DNA Innovation Award to mention just a few.
Certification and Professional Development Programs
• Management Teachers program from IIM Bangalore and IIM Lucknow
• Professional Development Program towards becoming a T group Process Facilitator from Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Sciences (pursuing Phase A)
• Train the Trainer program from Dale Carnegie Training Institute
• PPA certification (DISC Profiling) from Thomas Assessments Pvt. Ltd.
• Certificate course in Training instruments in HR and OD from Academy of Human Resource Development
• Certificate program on appreciative enquiry from TAPIN
• Certified career coach from Eriksson India Pvt Ltd.